Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Flashlight Vision

The past few months, fear has crept into my life, my home, my family....  And, I'm ashamed to say I ran and hid under the bed and let it in.  The only problem about hiding under the bed is that it is dark under there...  My view is limited under the bed.  I look out and see feet.  I also see lots of dust bunnies.

But, yesterday, I remembered I have a flashlight.  I've always had a flashlight.  So, I flipped it on and crawled out from under the bed.

Right now, CF, transplant rejection and infection are looming large.  I'm scared.  I don't want to lose my child.  I have never wanted to lose my child.  However, what I forgot is to value her now.  No matter the complication, shine the light on it and find God.  He is ever present, all loving and good all the time.  Friends and family fully demonstrate His Omnipotence in our lives.

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