Sunday, August 07, 2011

Looking Through a Lens of Love...

Yesterday, PBS was playing in my living room, as it often is on a Saturday morning. After Thomas the Tank, PBS launched a fund-raising program with Wayne Dyer. Well, I happen to love Wayne Dyer, so much to Micah's chagrin, I stayed tuned. Sponge Bob was not forthcoming. Although, if I am in the right mood, I can ferret out some little spiritual tidbits from Sponge Bob too, but Wayne Dyer requires less reach. The program was about giving up excuses, but in his way, Dyer always lands on those simple, Universal Truths that really seem to resonate with me.

In the course of the program, he stated that there are really only two emotions: fear and love. I have heard this before in a different context, but being reminded is never a bad thing. I was left with some personal reflection about how all the suffering I endure is simply because I am approaching a situation from a place of fear, rather than a place of Love. And, I can pretty much apply it to anything... Mom always says, "Anger is fear with teeth in it." Thus, even in some of my more righteously indignant quests like student advocacy or protesting inequities, I'm still coming from a place of fear, even though the cause may be noble.

However, I truly believe people can change... All people. Including myself. I can turn a situation around and choose to come from a place of Love. Sometimes it just takes me longer to get there. Generally, when I have suffered enough, I choose Love. And, Love helps me see things through a different lens. It leads me to compassion, empathy and hope, even for those who don't "deserve" it. Even for people who have directly "wronged" me... Even in situations that seem awful. Love changes everything. Love (God) means it all for good. And, when I can remember that, I feel SO much better. Actually, I AM so much better.