Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

This Christmas, I'm thankful for all of it. I'm thankful for the whir of the oxygen generator, and the fact that such miraculous equipment exists in the world... I'm thankful for an ex-husband who welcomes me, my husband, and my child into his home... I'm thankful for in-laws who stay away (even though I know they must be sad not to be with us) to protect Danielle from noxious illness germs... I'm thankful for a wonderful Christmas Eve service in a church I never would have known lest we had not embarked on the Lung Transplant Adventure... I'm thankful for sausage balls and coffee, eaten amidst the Christmas wrappings rubble, while gazing out upon a snow-covered yard. I'm thankful for a Windows 7 phone. I'm thankful for freelance writing and the prosperity it brings... I'm thankful for my husband and our soon to be 12th anniversary celebration. I'm thankful for friends who love me when I can't get off the closet floor. I'm thankful for a dad who tried his best while here on this earth. I'm thankful for my job and the laughter it brings. (A parent sent video clips of our Christmas party celebration... We were doing the funky monkey and getting the beat from our seat and my husband said, "They pay you to do this?-- You're teacher of the year?-- My God!" I'm thankful for friends who have moved away, and moved on to healthier, happier times. I'm thankful for Toy Story 3, and a Hello Kitty toothbrush. I'm thankful that Dave finally watched "A Christmas Story", and understands all the Christmas jokes he has been missing for years. I'm grateful for gay friends... (Yes, the happy and the other variety.) I'm grateful for food, family, warm clothes, sober, clear-headed thinking, and all the blessings that are mine to enjoy... Not because I deserve any of it... But, because somehow, God loves me. And, I don't get the whole "gave his only begotten son" message of Christmas, but I do fully understand the fact that truly, I don't deserve any of the blessings of my life. I am graced with all of it. And, I'm grateful that I can SEE it to be thankful for it all...

Love and Light~ Merry Christmas