Sunday, April 14, 2013


Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.  It's Dave's favorite number.  And, it is what I intended to write about this morning when I logged into my account.  However, instead of waxing philosophical about Pi, I was taunted by its underlying meaning.  I went round and round in circles, never stopping, simply trying to log on.  For the past several months I haven't updated my blog.  Partly, that has been because I have just been out living life instead of writing about it.  The other reasons, though, reared their ugly heads this morning. 

First, the problem started with Cableone.  Cableone is my e-mail and Internet provider.  And, Cableone somehow partnered up with Google last year, so now my Cableone account looks startlingly similar to my Gmail account.

That leads me to problem two.  I have too many e-mail accounts.  When I started with e-mail back in the 90's, I had one account.  I used it for everything.  And, sweetly it was tied to my mom's childhood name for me.  Then work got in on the action, and it was all downhill from there.  Now I have an e-mail account for work, an e-mail account for freelance writing, an e-mail account tied to my educational website and an e-mail account for shopping...  It's ridiculous.  Facebook even issues you an e-mail specifically for that site.

And, this of course leads to problem three.  I have TOO MANY PASSWORDS.  I have so many passwords that I have to have a password keeper to keep them all.  I have a basic personal password, a basic work password, a basic freelancing password, etc.  But, website administrator tech dorks, in their quest to "help" me, have started requiring that I add a number or a character to make it more secure.  Well, thankyouverymuch, it is all so darned secure that I can't access it.

So, finally today, going round and round in circles all morning, I finally figured out how to access my blog again.  I couldn't change the crazy temporary e-mail account Blogspot assigned it when Cableone switched over to Gmail, but I gave my other accounts access to be authors. 

Maybe later I will write about the romance of spirituality of Pi, but I can't manage it today since I was trapped in the mire of the technology of it.


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